New ‘house’ system to help pupils

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Newmarket Academy will begin the new school year in September with three new house groups tasked with encouraging, supporting and guiding pupils.

The aim of the new set up is for each house to be a ‘school within a school’ providing support and challenges for every student as well as monitoring and intervening when necessary in issues linked to attendance, behaviour and academic results for all its students.

The houses will be named after three internationally known and respected figures with links to the local area.

Tutte is named after Newmarket-born Second World War codebreaker and world-remowned mathematician Bill Tutte.

His work, cracking the Nazi Lorenz code was described as one of the greatest intellectual feats of the war and a commemorative sculpture to the Fellow of the Royal Society is currently under construction on Newmarket’s Rutland Hill.

Newmarket Academy currently runs the Bill Tutte Club, a free after school maths and science club.

Franklin is named in recognition of scientist Rosalind Franklin who made critical contributions to the understanding of the structure of DNA while the third house is named Brooke, after poet Rupert Brooke.