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New defibrillator in place in Newmarket thanks to the Jockey Club

Rob Achner with defibrillator
Rob Achner with defibrillator

A potentially life-saving defibrillator has been bought and installed on the wall of Newmarket’s memorial hall thanks to the Jockey Club.

The new equipment was donated through Jockey Club Estates, after heath medic Rob Achner, and his colleagues, working with the town council, agreed it was needed as no defibrillator with public access available 24 hours a day in the High Street area.

The experience acquired by the Jockey Club Estates-employed heath medics since their introduction last year has led to them wanting to improve medical facilities and care for the wider community of Newmarket, as well as the racing industry and the new community defibrillator is an example of this, with the possibility of more to follow in the future.

Rob, who is planning to give training to town councillors in the use of the equipment, said if someone showed signs of a heart attack any member of the public could call 999 and the ambulance service, once their location was identified, would then be able to tell them where the defibrillator was, the code for the box and what steps to take.

“The availability of this equipment means vital, potentially life-saving treatment could take place while an ambulance was on its way,” said Rob.

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