New bid to beat dog mess

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Dog owners who fail to clear up after their four-legged friends in Mildenhall and the surrounding area could find themselves named and shamed on a Facebook group.

Forest Heath Dog Foulers-Name and Shame has been set up by Mildenhall resident Claire Batt in a bid to combat the problem of dog mess on public paths, sports fields and other green areas.

Since Claire, who owns a German Shepherd and Lhaso Apso, set up the group on the social network site earlier this month more than 120 people have joined it.

Not only has Claire created a Facebook group, she has also designed a poster for people to place in their windows, which draws attention to the online group.

“I follow with interest both the Mildenhall and Red Lodge Community Groups on Facebook and one of the main grievances that keeps coming up is the problem of dog mess,” said Miss Batt.

“I decided to set up the Facebook group as I thought if people knew that they were being watched and that they could be named and shamed it might give them an incentive to pick it up.”

Support for the campaign has not just been restricted to the online community, with Forest Heath District Council also giving the scheme its backing.

“I had an email from an enforcement officer at Forest Heath who said that they were happy with initiative in trying to get the word out there to stop this from happening,” said Claire. “It is amazing just how much the whole thing has snowballed in such a short space of time of time. If everything works together, we can really raise awareness of the problem.

To join the Facebook group and download copies of the poster, search Forest Heath Dog Foulers-Name and Shame at