‘My girls have had to give up their dreams’

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A Burwell mum whose two daughters are both battling an incurable illness is raising funds for the centre which is treating them.

Martine Mockford also wants to raise awareness of Lupus the crippling condition which is blighting their lives.

Twenty-year-old Sharnia Mockford, who lives with her mother in Ness Road in Burwell was a talented springboard and highboard diver winning national junior elite UK silver and bronze medals but the onset of lupus caused her health to deteriorate rapidly leaving her not only unable to dive but no longer able to attend college due to chronic pain and fatigue.

“Sharnia has been hospitalised a number of times for kidney infections and uncontrollable overall infections,” said Martine

Her elder daughter, Serena Bilcock, who is 26 and lives in Teal Avenue in Soham with her husband Stuart and their three-year-old daughter Amber, is like her sister being treated for lupus at the Vasculitis and Lupus Centre at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, in Cambridge.

“Serena was working as an auxillary nurse at Addenbrookes and was offered a place to study nursing on a degree level course,” said Martine, “but she started getting ill and lost her job and her place at the nursing school her place was deffered for two years.”

But Serena’s health did not improve and she lost her place. She later volunteered for St John Ambulance and ran the Soham St John Division until her health deteriorated rapidly during the last year.

“In the last six months I have nearly lost my daughter three times,” said Martine. “ The first she ended up in the intensive care unit with an uncontrollable infection, then she started having seizures as the lupus attacked her brain finally she had two heart attacks in half an hour as the lupus in her blood caused multiple pulmonary embolisms and clots in her heart.

“Sharnia has also been hospitalised a number of times for kidney infections and other infections and both girls take a cocktail of drugs including immune suppressants to try to control the lupus,” added Martine.

“This terrible condition has meant both my girls have had to give up on their hopes and dreams. The staff at the centre are under a lot of pressure to look after a large number of patients,” said Martine, “so I wanted to do what I could to help them.”Donations can be sent by post to Martine at 101 Ness Road, Burwell with cheques made payable to ACT – Vasculitis with Lupus M Mockford written on the back or telephone the Addenbrookes Charitable Trust on 01223 217757 and use reference Vasculitis/Lupus M Mockford