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Matthew’s winning ways: Magic Circle accolade for Kennett magician’s skills

Matthew Le Mott�e. The Magic Circle Close-up Magician of The Year 2017
Matthew Le Mott�e. The Magic Circle Close-up Magician of The Year 2017

A former street magician has won one of the Magic Circle’s highest awards after wowing the judges in a fiercely-fought contest at the organisation’s secret headquarters.

Matthew Le Mottée, 27, was named Magic Circle Close-Up Magician of the Year 2017 after seeing off dozens of the UK’s top performers in the heats and finals.

Matthew Le Mott�e. The Magic Circle Close-up Magician of The Year 2017
Matthew Le Mott�e. The Magic Circle Close-up Magician of The Year 2017

The Kennett-based magician presented a seven-minute act in which he told his own story through the medium of magic to scoop the prestigious and coveted title.

“It was an incredible moment and my heart was beatingt so hard,” said Matthew.

“Over 20 years of practice and hard work condensed down to just seven minutes. It has been an incredible journey and worth every second.”

Matthew became interested in the magic arts when he was seven years old and got his hands on his older brother’s Paul Daniels Magic Set.

“I just performed tricks to friends and family but then when I was 12, my Dad took me to the Magic Circle.From that day, I aspired to being a magician. It became one of my dreams,” said Matthew.

While he was at college, where he qualified as a sports therapist, Matthew came across street performing in his home city of Cambridge and decided to give it a go.

“It was the harshest performing environment in the world, not just sharing my magic with the public but also dealing with drunks and hecklers,” he said. “But I owe much of my success to mastering it.” said Matthew.

Work at private functions started to come in and in 2010 Matthew was selected for a season at the House of Illusion in Salou, Spain, and also took his act afloat on Baltic cruise ships

“I didn’t ever go for the easy option but I think taking the difficult path has built me up as a performer,” he said.

He also found time to sit the rigorous Magic Circle entrance exam and scored highly enough to be fast-tracked as one of just 300 Associate Members of the Inner Magic Circle worldwide.

Matthew, who can be contacted through his website dappermagic.com is available for corporate and private events where his special kind of magic is sure to entertain.


It wasn’t the London Palladium or a swanky corporate event at a posh venue, but Matthew Le Mottée’s magic brought a sparkle to the Journal office with a trick which has baffled me ever since, writes Tina Murray.

“Take a card,” said Matthew, offering a perfectly-fanned new deck of standard playing cards.

I picked a card from somewhere in the middle – the six of spades – and followed Mattews’ instructions by writing my name on it in red biro and putting it back in the pack.

I have to confess to being a bit disappointed when my card somehow appeared on the top. Not because it wasn’t slick and clever, but because it just didn’t seem clever enough for one of the country’s top magicians.

In fact, he was just lulling me into a false sense of security.

My six of spades was put face down on my desk and Matthew covered it with the flat of his hand. Needless to say when he lifted his hand the c ard had disappeared. I had no idea where it had gone and I was only sitting 18 inches away.

Where was it? Well, Matthew went to the inside pocket of his jacket and got out his mobile phone.

Tucked inside (yes, right inside) the back of the phone, folded in four, with my name on it in red biro, was the six of spades.

That, as they say, is magic!

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