Man jailed for four months for assaulting ex-girlfriend

A Newmarket man, who assaulted his ex-girlfriend, has been jailed for four months

William Mackenzie, of Park Lane, had denied the attack but was found guilty by a jury at Ipswich Crown Court in February.

He was also convicted of damaging the woman’s mobile phone.

On Monday 20-year-old Mackenzie returned to court to be told by Judge Rupert Overbury that imprisonment was the only appropriate sentence he could pass.

During his trial, the court heard prosecution had heard claims that Mackenzie 
had slammed shut a window at his bedsit on the hands 
of 18-year-old Donna Seymour as she tried to climb out.

Miss Seymour, who had, until a month before the incident, been in a relationship with Mackenzie for two years, told the court that he had bombarded her with up to 20 text messages a day after they split up.

The court heard that Mackenzie had become enraged when he found what he believed was evidence that Miss Seymour had been exchanging text messages with another man.

After Miss Seymour went to Mackenzie’s bedsit in the early hours of August 26 last year, she said he had refused to let her leave, smashed 
her mobile phone, and 
assaulted her as well as cutting off a piece of her hair and ripping off some of her clothes,

Mackenzie, who had denied refusing to allow Miss Seymour to leave the bedsit, was found not guilty by the jury of a charge of false imprisonment.

Giving evidence during his trial, Mackenzie had claimed that Miss Seymour had been acting aggressively towards him and had hit him in the face.

He claimed that injuries sustained by Miss Seymour resulted from her being 
accidentally caught in the door of the bedsit as he had tried to close it and from him closing a first floor window to stop her from jumping