Long serving pair call it a day at academy

Norman Salmon ANL-141218-161647001
Norman Salmon ANL-141218-161647001
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Two of the longest serving members of staff at an academy in Mildenhall have heard the school bell ring for the final time after announcing their retirements.

Paul Garland and Norman Salmon, pictured, from Mildenhall College Academy said their farewells to fellow members of staff and pupils on the final day of the school term on Friday.

For college manager Mr Garland, his decision to call it day ends an association with the academy stretching back 36½ years.

Prior to taking up his last role as college manager eight years ago Mr Garland served as both an IT and biology teacher.

“The reason I didn’t retire in the summer is that my son was getting married my daughter was expecting, while my wife was also retiring at Christmas, so it seemed right for me to retire,” said the 58 year old.

“I have been quite lucky to be in the right place at the right time and to have worked with some wonderful kids and marvellous colleagues.

“I think what I am going to miss the most is the camaraderie of the people I work with on a daily basis along with the hustle and bustle of the school environment, but I am looking forward to some peace and quiet.”

The 58 year old from Feltwell, has already drawn up several things he intends to do during his retirement.

“I have a long list of things I want to do I want to develop my wood turning hobby, while I would like to learn how to cook,” said Mr Garland.

“Me and my wife are going down to Devon in January to enjoy a holiday outside the school term, while we are also set to go to America next year.”

Like Mr Garland, the departure of design technology teacher Mr Salmon will see him end a lengthy link with the academy having taught there since 1982 following his graduation from Shoreditch College.

“I have enjoyed working with some superb colleagues and great sixth form groups during my time at Mildenhall, along with getting involved in the extra curricular trips we use to have down to the New Forest for Activities Week,” said Mr Salmon.

“I will certainly miss teaching the sixth form and the interaction with my colleagues. It will definitely feel strange as I am institutionalised there.”

Over the years the design technology department, like so many others has faced many changes, but for the Red Lodge based academic there is one that stands out above the rest.

“The biggest change I have seen in my time at the school is the without doubt the introduction of computers into the department,” he said.

“We were shown one of the first ones at university and we all thought it wouldn’t catch on. As changes go that has been vast.”

Although no longer having to hear the sound of the school bell on a daily basis, and meet deadline requirements, the sport loving 55 year old will not be steadying up just yet.

“I have got a few little DIY projects I have a backlog of so I will catch up on them, while I will look forward to playing a bit more golf and pursuing my photography hobby,” said Mr Salmon.

“I am keen to get back into cricket again while I plan to go to a few of the speedway Grand Prix meetings in Europe. When the dust settles I will probably look for a little part time job too.”