Letter: Pointless exercise

With reference to the so-called ‘meetings’ regarding Harmoni and the out-of-hours doctors’ service.

My wife and I attended both these and as Mrs C A Blyth stated in last week’s Journal letter it was a pointless exercise.

These ‘meetings’ were forums where they listen to the complaints of people and say they will take it into consideration, and then do nothing about it.

Harmoni is in business to make money and the more services it can cut the more money it makes.

If Harmoni cannot keep an after-hours service in Newmarket surely we have enough local doctors who could work on a rota system to give us the service we need so we do not have to rely on doctors from miles away.

This must be a cost effective way to keep our out-of-hours service and a way not to have to pay big money to companies like Harmoni who are not giving the service they were engaged to give.

Alan Coe

Downing Close