Lakenheath airman praised for helping collapsed Red Lodge woman

Airman 1st Class Erik Walker'Photo USAF/Senior Airman Erin O'Shea ANL-150619-144434001
Airman 1st Class Erik Walker'Photo USAF/Senior Airman Erin O'Shea ANL-150619-144434001
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An American airman has been praised for the way he went to the aid of a woman having a seizure.

Airman First Class Erik Walker was driving through Red Lodge to work at RAF Lakenheath when he noticed a woman slumped on the ground.

A1C Walker, a 48th Operations Support Squadron airfield systems technician, said: “I notified a passerby to contact the paramedics as I was making sure the scene was safe. I held her head to protect her as much as I could.”

Passerby Doug Webb, from Red Lodge, first noticed Walker tending to the frail woman on the ground while walking his dog.

“I hurried over and saw that he was trying to keep her as comfortable as possible whilst preventing her from hurting herself,” he said “He was very calm and collected, and very gentlemanly.”

While waiting for the paramedics to arrive, the two men supported her head while trying to stabilize her.

Mr Webb added: “She came around a little and began talking, but soon went back into seizure, She was struggling and banging Airman Walker’s arms, but he carried on soothing her and showed no discomfort.”

The woman was taken to hospital by ambulance.

A1C Walker said: “The training in the Air Force definitely put me in a better position to be confident in my abilities and take the appropriate actions.”

Mr Webb told the USAF: “In this day and age, it renewed my faith in human nature to see that there are people who, despite all the urgencies in their lives, still care.

“I felt that Airman Walker’s actions were highly commendable and showed the United States Air Force in an extremely good light. It’s great to know that we have neighbours like that around us.”