How community of Reach is using solar to power its future

REACH SOLAR FARM ANL-160803-170351001
REACH SOLAR FARM ANL-160803-170351001

Residents of Reach are celebrating after turning on a community-owned solar farm which could power half the homes in the village.

The 1000-panel facility has been under construction for several months and is now fully operational and recently a group of volunteers got together to help with the finishing touch - the planting of a new hedge to screen the site from the road.

There are more than 100 shareholders in the solar farm, most of whom live nearby in Reach itself, the surrounding villages or in Cambridge.

The solar farm is run by a Community Benefit Society.

Members will get a small payment from the sales of its electricity each year based on the value of their shareholding, and some money will also be returned to the community to be spent on other environmental projects.

Resident,shareholder and society director Graham Lingley, said: “In a few years time when this hedge has grown passers-by won’t even be aware of the solar panels here.

“But they are expected to be operational for at least the next 20 or 30 years.

“It may be on a relatively small scale, but we’re really proud that we are doing something in this village to generate our own electricity”.