Hospice Neighbours service needs help

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A successful volunteer-led service which helps people facing long term or life-threatening illnesses with everyday tasks is calling for help so it can grow.

Hospice Neighbours, a St Nicholas Hospice Care service which started four years ago, needs more volunteers to help co-ordinate home visits and people to give up their time to visit patients at home.

Kay Newman, Hospice Neighbours Co-ordinator, said the service was helping between 120 and 130 people at any given time, with volunteers providing companionship as well as helping with household tasks that can feel overwhelming when people are unwell.

“The service means we can support people in the community so they can die somewhere of their choice, which is primarily at home. If people have a Hospice Neighbour coming in once a week then it gives the carer a bit more support to help keep the patient at home longer.”

In addition to needing more Hospice Neighbours volunteers, Kay is calling for people willing to become Hospice Neighbours co-ordinators, with each co-ordinator looking after a team of 10

volunteers. To get involved with Hospice Neighbours, call Kay on 01284 719638.