Help find my ‘mangy’ moggie

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A Burwell owner is appealing for help to find her “mangy looking” cat that went missing on Sunday.

Sue Steiner’s cat Minnie has been rejected by past owners, after being found in a rubbish bin. “She’s difficult. She has a lot of baggage but I’m fond of her”, said Mrs Steiner, 60, from Tunbridge Close.

“When she gets stressed or eats the wrong food she starts pulling her fur out. She’s a really mangy looking cat.”

Minnie gets let out for five to ten minutes each morning but on Sunday she didn’t return.

Mrs Steiner alerted the RSPCA and The Causeway vets Pet Doctors, who told her on Monday that her cat had been inside a home and hissed at the owners. “She doesn’t like people,” she said.

Contact Mrs Steiner on 07527 476918 if you see Minnie.