Have a ball for Kelly-Ann

Carol Challinor and Kelly-Ann Challinor ANL-141028-100723001
Carol Challinor and Kelly-Ann Challinor ANL-141028-100723001

The mother of a girl from Exning who suffered a horrific accident while riding is calling on those in the equine industry to support a charity ball.

Carol Challinor is urging those who work with horses to get behind this year’s Magpas Lifesavers Ball, which is to take place at Paddocks House in Six Mile Bottom on Friday, November 14.

Ten years ago Carol experienced every mother’s nightmare when her then nine-year old daughter Kelly-Ann had her face flattened.

It was due to the attention that Kelly-Ann, who is now 19 received a decade a go from the Magpas Helimedix team that helped protect her brain injury and save her life.

“All who are involved in the horse industry, ranging from Pony Club to horse racing, have in some way or another seen accidents happen,” said Carol. “Most of us have then experienced the commitment and efficiency of the emergency response teams.

The Magpas Lifesavers Ball is an excellent opportunity to once again say a huge thank you to Magpas Helimedix for the incredible things they do.

“I therefore encourage the residents of Newmarket, the Mecca of the Horse Industry, to help celebrate saving lives in style.

“This is a worthwhile charity that could one day save your life or the life of somebody you love.”

To book tickets for the ball call 01638 593222.