Hard working Beryl enjoys 100 celebrations

Beryl Woollard  with her telegram from The Queen
Beryl Woollard with her telegram from The Queen

There was a very special celebration staged at Newmarket Day Centre on Sunday when family and friends celebrated the 100th birthday of Beryl Woollard.

Beryl was born in Newmarket one of nine children and grew up on Banstead Farm in Cowlinge.

She left school at 14 and worked in the village shop until she was 16 when she went into service at various houses in Newmarket including Palace House Stables working for Tom Watson.

She married Ernie in 1936 and they moved to Woodditton. Her son Tony was born in 1937 and Beryl spent the war years working on the land before working for Basil Jarvis at Le Grange in Newmarket while Ernie was in North Africa and Italy with the 8th Army.

Beryl worked for 15 years in the Scotch Tea Rooms in Newmarket making cakes, bread and pastries, cycling there each day from her home.

She also worked for two years as a cook for the wireless station in Cheveley before moving to a job at Eve Stud in Woodditton working for Sir Noel and Lady Murless looking after assistant trainers and jockeys.

When Sir Noel retired she became his housekeeper until she retired at 70. After this she spent time fruit picking enjoying working with the young people.

Beryl was a founder member of Woodditton WI and is still a member and has enjoyed bingo, craft and cooking competitions.

She puts her long life down to ‘hard work and good food’.