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Green fanged spiders invade Newmarket homes

Green fanged spider
Green fanged spider

Homes in Newmarket have been infested with one of the UK’s biggest spiders.

Simon Matthews of Newmarket Pest Control was called out to a house in Park Avenue where he discovered more than 30 Green Fanged Tube spiders.

“These spiders do pack a punch and due to the severity of the infestation we want to make residents aware, particularly to help protect children,” said Simon.

“In one house we found 30 plus spiders but more were visible on around eight other properties down the road with the same number of webs on each of them.”

While not in the tarantula league, the Green Fanged spider is not a very desirable house guest.

The six-eyed, eight-legged spider has a thick black body up to 2.2 centimetres wide and fangs of a luminous green. It makes a silk-lined tubular nest usually above ground in a hole or crevice.

People bitten by them have described the pain as feeling like a deep injection and lasting for several hours.

One of their more gruesome habits is that they eat their mothers after hatching but on the plus side they prey on the more poisonous false widow spider - also found in Newmarket earlier this year.

Known to scientists as Segestria Florentina, the Green Fanged Tube is not uncommon in southern England, particularly coastal areas.

“Now these spiders are moving north due to the warmer climate,” said Simon.

“I strongly urge people not to disturb their webs and not to let children near them”.

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