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Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue warn against using incense sticks after Soham house fire

A Soham house set on fire after incense sticks were left unattended
A Soham house set on fire after incense sticks were left unattended

Firefighters have warned against using incense sticks after a fire at a Soham home.

Crews from Newmarket and Ely rushed to a house in The Causeway on April 30 and found curtains alight inside the property.

Investigators said it was accidental, caused by incense sticks that had been left unattended.

An hour earlier crews in Cambridgeshire had been busy putting out a blaze in Huntingdon which had also been caused by incense sticks.

Today firefighters at Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service have urged people to make sure candles and incense sticks are not left unattended.

"Lighting incense is a common and popular way of spreading aromatic scents around the house. However residents often overlook the risk they can pose id left unattended, particularly if close to curtains or by a window.

"House fires from incense sticks initially ignite when hot ask falls directly on to carpet or flammable surfaces," a fire service spokesman said.

"Incense and candles can be dangerous if left unattended, so always ensure they are placed in a draught-free area, well away from curtains, furniture or other flammable surfaces.

"Make sure you leave plenty of space around the area and ensure that the surface is flat and stable. Taking the necessary precautions can help protect your family, property and belongings."

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