Fete will raise funds for Red Lodge pupils’ robotics adventure

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A fete and exercise class is being held at St Christopher’s primary school on Sunday as seven of its pupils’ are flying out to Brazil to take part in a virtual programming challenge.

The team of girls, aged 10 and 11, from the Red Lodge school leaving for Joao Pessoa on Saturday to compete in the RoboCup Junior International Championships.

While they are away, fitness group Hour of Power are visiting the school to hold a fete, which will be capped by a class run by one of its instructors, the former Last Man Standing winner Rajko Radovic.

A ticket for the class costs £5 which, along with money raised from the fete, will go towards paying the bill of the £14,000 trip.

The school received funding from Forest Heath and RAF Lakenheath, as well as money from other local sponsors, but still has money to make up.

The girls qualified from regional and national trials to make it to CoSpace section of the international event.

Each team loads their robot, which they have two hours to programme, onto a virtual world where it has to do everything by itself.

It has to move around the world, avoid bumping into obstacles or other robots or the, detect and collect coloured objects, pick them up and find the drop zone and deposit them.

The team will then watch how their robot performs on a big screen.

“The international competition is obviously a big step up and they are very proud to have been invited to represent the school,” said ICT co-ordinator Andrew Severy.

“It’s quite a thing to at 10 or 11 to go to South America and participate in an international competition.

“There’s been a huge amount of support amongst the whole group, even though they have been competing in different teams they have helped each other along.

“If they can show the same teamwork that they have until now I am sure they will do extremely well.”

The fete has an old fashion theme with fairground rides, bouncy castle, sports day and games such as grab a duck. It will run from 10am until 2.30pm. Tables at the tabletop are available for £10.

Contact either Julie Howell on 07739 864533 or Trudy Kent on 07770 530645 if you would like to take part in the fete.

“It ties in very well with the new national curriculum which is moving towards programming.

“Over the years I have participated in a number of ICT competitions. That the

“The international competition is obviously a big step up.

“The things we do in ICT build into this.

girls have 2 hours to produce their programme then it runs automatically for eight minutes

flying out on Saturday for four days of competition in Joao Pessoa, Brazil

The team scores points for a win, loss or draw against other schools in their group - like the group stage matches of the World Cup, Andrew said.