Fears over future of RAF base

County councillor Colin Noble has aired concerns over a report commissioned by the US government which has suggested the potential closure of RAF Lakenheath.

Mr Noble, who represents the Row Heath area, which the air base falls under, on Suffolk County Council, issued his thoughts following the release of a report earlier this week by global think-tank RAND Corporation.

“Obviously this is of a great concern to the local community as the base provides the area with hundreds of jobs,” said Cllr Noble.

“However there have been many reports into the base over the years and we have seen things come and go.”

In the three outcomes put forward by the report it recommended closure in two of them, with the relocation of the base’s 48th Fighter Wing in the third, leaving just its communication and intelligence operations in place.

Should US government officials opt for either of the closure options it would save the US airforce more than $300 million a year.

“At this stage what we need to do is find out as much information as we can about the 
report becoming reality as 
the nature of reports is to 
look at all options,” said Cllr Noble.

“We work in close contact with the base and I certainly hope nothing does happen as we very much enjoy the presence of the American community in the area.”

If a decision was made to close the air base Cllr Noble is confident that good use could be made of the site.

“If it does happen one day the base does house massive infrastructure which I am sure the Raf could look into utilising as it would be 
very beneficial to them,” he added.