Ellesmere taps in to solar power

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No Caption ABCDE ENGANL00120130827124607

A charity-run community centre near Newmarket has become more environmentally friendly thanks to a grant and a donation from a user.

More than £17,000 has been spent on the panels with a further £1,800 on roof repairs.

The centre had to match-fund 10 per cent of the grant from waste management company Amey Cespa and Rosemary Davenport, treasurer for the trustees, said: The centre could not find this sum quickly. Luckily we have wonderful support from the community and the necessary 10 per cent was donated by a centre user.”

“The decrease in electricity costs will make a huge difference to the future sustainability of the centre and ensures the continuation of this fantastic educational, leisure and sporting facility for our widespread rural community,” she added.

Roy Swain, chairman of the trustees, said: “This is another superb development for the Ellesmere Centre and we hope the increasing number of users appreciate their community centre is now more eco-friendly. “The project is also a tribute to our very small band of fundraisers, without whose efforts this would not have happened.”