Pupils pile the pennies high to raise cash for victims of the Nepal earthquake

Newmarket Academy pupils with a their Nepal coin stack ANL-150519-132323001
Newmarket Academy pupils with a their Nepal coin stack ANL-150519-132323001
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School pupils have been piling up the pennies to raise cash for Nepal earthquake victims.

The students at Newmarket Academy in Exning Road, raised £260 by bringing in pennies and piling tham up in the shape of Mount Everest.

They had a special reason to help out, since their head, Nick Froy, told them that his 19-year-old daughter has been working for US-based charity Mountain Fund, in a village called Mankhu not far from the earthquake zone in Kathmandu.

Mr Froy said: “I was personally very touched that they wanted to help, because my daughter is doing voluntary work out there.”

He said she has been in Nepal since the beginning of the year, and when the earthquake struck they made contact with her initially, then lost contact for a few days because there was no electricity, so she could not phone or email.

She is due to return home on Friday, because relief agencies are looking for skills such as medical training which she does not have, as she has been looking after children in the charity’s nursery.

“They can’t go into the buildings because of the danger of collapse, so there’s not much more she can do to help,” said Mr Froy.

He is very proud of his pupils for wanting to help out and added: “It has been very moving for me, and they kept sending me notes about their concerns.

“They decided that they needed to do something as a community to raise money for the Red Cross after the disaster in Nepal.

“Students came up with the idea of collecting coins and building a pile to represent Mount Everest. They were asked to bring in any spare coins for the event.”

One lunchtime they gathered to count all the coins and pile them up into a mountain. ​

It took a little longer than a single lunchtime to count all of the loose change.

Student Emily Gleed said: “Seeing the disaster on television, we knew that we had to do something to help.

“We are so grateful to all of the students and staff that donated money.”

This is the second fundraiser the pupils have had for the appeal. Earlier this month a cake sale raised £47.60 for the Red Cross.