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Diamond ring stolen from elderly Lakenheath woman


Police are hunting a woman in connection with the theft of a diamond ring from an elderly woman on Saturday.

Police say an elderly resident in Quayside Court, Lakenheath, arrived home about 1.45pm on Saturday with her shopping and left her front door open while she went inside.

A few minutes later a smartly dressed female knocked asking if the victim wanted any cleaning done to which the victim refused several times.

Shortly after, the female walked in to the property and into various rooms continuing to ask about cleaning. The victim followed her and the woman asked for a cup of tea, but while the victim was in the kitchen, the intruder said she had to leave.

After the she left, the elderly victim then realised a gold and diamond ring in its box was missing.

The woman is described as white, in her late 20s to early 30s, about 5ft 4in tall, of a slim build and with brown hair that was either short or was pulled back.

The ring, which is of great sentimental value to the victim, is a gold band with a single diamond and two gold hearts either side of the diamond.

She wore trousers and dark clothing and was carrying a fawn handbag with orange squares on it.

If you saw her in the area or have information about who she is, call Suffolk Police on 101 quoting 37/60088/17 or use the ‘report something’ link on the Suffolk Police website at www.suffolk.police.uk

When dealing with cold callers, police advise:

+Always ask for identification from any unexpected callers and do not to let anyone in if you are not comfortable with who they are and verify their identity with the company they work for.

+Always use the chain and viewer on your door to see who is calling. Only open the door if you feel comfortable and always keep the chain on.

+Councils and utilities companies generally contact householders by telephone or letter if they plan to carry out repairs rather than make unsolicited calls.

+If you have a back gate, ensure that it is locked with a padlock. A slide bolt is not sufficient on its own.

+Ensure that your doors are kept locked when you are in the house.

+If you need carers or family to have access then consider fitting a key safe on the outside wall near to the front door.

+If anyone calls claiming to be from the utility companies such as water, gas, electricity or the council do not let them in. Unless they can quote to you on the doorstep your personal account number which is found on your bills. If you are suspicious phone the police immediately.

+Report anything suspicious as soon as possible to police on 101.

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