Second raid on pre-school

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Thieves have raided a pre-school in Mildenhall for the second time in the space of two months – this time stealing more than £1,000 of electrical equipment.

Little Treasures Pre-School in Wamil Way was hit by thieves for the second time in quick succession following a raid at the site between 6pm on Thursday and 7.50am on Friday.

After breaking into the building through a window, the thieves made off with three laptops, two digital cameras, a camcorder and £70 in cash.

During the previous theft at the site, which took place between February 13 and 14, £50 was taken from a cash tin.

“We have been here five years and we have been lucky that we have never had any trouble until now,” said Denise Reed, co-owner.

“We can’t believe it has happened to us again to be quite honest.”

Although the theft comes as a bitter blow to the pre-school, which has 65 yougsters on its books, Miss Reed has confirmed that it has been business as usual.

“The staff have been working around this and it did not shut us down,” said Miss Reed.

“We won’t let things like this beat us.”

In light of the recent attack, Miss Reed has stressed that extra measures will be taken to prevent any further incidents from happening, as opposed to moving to an alternative site in the town.

“We are going to stay here as it is the site we are on is the best one in Mildenhall,” said Miss Reed.

“We have made sure that all the windows and fire doors are now fully secured, while everything from money in the petty cash tin, to laptops in our IT department, will no longer be left there overnight.”