Man claiming to be police officer wanted

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No Caption ABCDE ENGANL00120130827124617

A man claiming to be a police officer is wanted in connection with a distraction burglary in Holywell Row.

The incident took place between 7.15pm and 7.35pm in The Street on Friday, December 12.

The victim received a knock at his door from a man claiming to be a police officer, who after showing him a badge, claimed he needed to come into the house.

Not convinced by his story the victim refused to let the man in, however he pushed past him end entered the house.

The victim followed him inside and told him to leave, at which point he discovered another man in the living room.

Running out the room, and the house, the victim called out to neighbours for help. Both offenders then fled empty handed.

The two men are described as of a slim build around 5ft 6ins tall and between the ages of 19 and 24 years old.

One was wearing a black motorcycle style leather jacket, while the other was wearing a scarf covering his head and lower face.

Anyone with information should call Suffolk Police on 101 quoting reference MH/14/2180.