Cash taken from town church

general pictures of Mildenhall  St Mary's Church ENGANL00120120210153332
general pictures of Mildenhall St Mary's Church ENGANL00120120210153332

St Mary’s Church in Mildenhall will stay open despite the latest theft from a collection box.

Thieves broke into the box and made off with the money inside last Sunday afternoon - September 28.

The church has previously been targeted by thieves.

This week church leaders said that while the theft had been ‘disappointing’ they would not be installing extra security.

David Revera, husband of the vicar Sue Leathley and deputy churchwarden, empties the box which contains donations from visitors and discovered the theft.

He said: “Most mornings I go to the church and empty the box. I’ve probably taken just £50 in the last six months so I’m usually picking up £2-£3 a go.

“This has been going on for several years but the costs of doing other things such as CCTV would outweigh the money coming in.

“We want to keep the church open and it is disappointing but symptomatic of other things that are happening today.”

He added: “All we can ask is that people around the church are vigilant and if they see anything suspicious they contact the police on 101.”

Police say the theft happened between 1pm and 6pm on Sunday September 28 and the incident is crime numbber MH/14/1624.