Cannabis factory worth up to £6m discovered

One of the largest discoveries of cannabis farms in Cambridgeshire was made by Soham police last night.

Officers forced their way into a warehouse in Regal Drive and found thousands of cannabis plants with a potential street value of £6m after noticing the drug’s smell at around 11pm and following the scent.

It is estimated there were 7,000 growing plants, 5,000 root balls and 400 plants drying out at the factory.

“They reckon it will take three or four days to take apart. It is one of the largest discoveries we have made in Cambridgeshire,” said press officer David Old.

One person has been arrested and is in custody at Parkside Police Station.

Sergeant Dan Bramley said: “This was good proactive work by the officers who tracked down the cannabis factory after noticing the smell.”

More to follow.