Council’s ‘no’ to dog warden

A council has rejected calls to re-introduce a dog warden from the owners of a cat which was attacked and killed by a dog in Newmarket.

Angela Stonebridge, whose precious pet, Tommy, was killed by a Staffordshire bull terrier close to her home in Derby Way, after the dog got out of its owner’s property said: “As you can imagine, we are devastated but also 
incredibly angry that the dog’s owner was irresponsible enough to allow this to happen.”

The incident was reported to the police but a spokesman said it was “a civil matter and an unfortunate accident” and apart from some words of 
advice to the dog’s owners, 
no further action could be taken.

“We would feel a lot better if there was a local dog warden, who could attend and investigate incidents like this and make sure dog owners acted responsibly,” said Angela.

“Our road is full of friendly and sociable cats but also very small children so we are now very wary. The dog itself seems aggressive and barks very loudly at passers-by from behind the gate.”

She told the Journal that Tommy had previously belonged to her nan who died last year. “We agreed to keep him as we knew we’d be able to give him a good home as well as retain a connection to our nan, to whom we were very close,” said Angela.

Earlier this month, the Journal reported on another incident in which student, James Chipps, of Periman Close, was savaged by two bull terriers not on leads as he took his own dog for a walk. Mr Chipps outlined his concerns at the annual meeting of the town to a director of Forest Heath council, Liz Watts.

But a spokesman for the authority said yesterday it had no intention of bringing back a dog warden. “We are still investigating the incident reported to us,” he said.