Christmas comes early as villagers get ready to celebrate

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Christmas will come early in Wickhambrook with two festive village parties set to take place over the next few weeks.

Village children will enjoy an evening Christmas party on Saturday, complete with presents from Father Christmas and live entertainment, organised by the Wickhambrook Carnival committee at the Memorial Social Centre.

And next month it will be the turn of the village’s senior citizens when the over 60s will join in afternoon celebration on December 17 which is subsidised by the Wickhambrook Greyhound, the parish council and Wickhambrook Carnival Committee, while Sally Jones of A Place Setting provides all the crockery and cutlery and St Edmundsbury Borough councillor Derek Redhead, who represents the village, has given £500 from his locality budget toward both events.

“The carnival committee is keen to support these type of village events,” said vice chairman Tracey Stephenson. “We work hard all year to make each carnival the best it can be, to raise as much money as we can, so that the rest of the year we can help fund and support our village events and groups as much as possible.”

Jack Couzens from The Greyhound said: “Since buying The Greyhound in August 2011, my family and I have loved being part of re-instating some old village traditions and bringing some new ideas from our previous village. The Over 60s has been such a success over the last three years that we now have to hold it in the centre as we just couldn’t fit everyone in the pub.”