Chef’s food heroes recipe is a winning combination

White Pheasant, Fordham ANL-141217-171738001
White Pheasant, Fordham ANL-141217-171738001

The White Pheasant restaurant in Fordham beat off stiff local competition to win the first competition celebrating two of the region’s outstanding best known foods, Fenland Celery and Powters Newmarket Sausages.

Both products have designated PGI status (Protected Geographic Indication) putting them in a select club that includes Champagne and Parmesan cheese.

Throughout last month restaurants from across the region used the celery and sausages, to create a new dish to show off their expertise and celebrate special local products.

The winning dish, created by the White Pheasant’s head chef Calvin Holland, who impressed the judges with a local twist on the classic beans on toast.

Customers were brought a smoking cloche, under which they found an apple and Fenland Celery toasted brioche, served with a bespoke can of beans containing smoked Powters Sausages.