Chamber’s search for local business

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Newmarket and District Chamber of Commerce is launching a search to find out more about small local businesses.

The chamber (NDCC) is appealing for the owners to identify themselves and register what they do and what they have to offer the wider community.

NDCC Chairman, Graham Abbey, said: “There is no doubt that there are numerous small businesses across every, town village and hamlet yet there is no full record of who they are and what they offer.

“This is not a recruiting drive, although new members would be welcome, but it’s a genuine attempt to paint an accurate picture of the West Suffolk skills base and expertise.

“The Chamber has limited details, the Federation of Small Businesses will also have records as does MENTA and, of course, the local authority and the banks. No one has a detailed record of the numbers or accurate contact information.

“We frequently have calls from one-person businesses being run from a garden shed, a spare bedroom or the dining room table, looking for support or complementary expertise. Our policy is to buy local and to achieve that, we need the contact information.”

For more details, call Claire Elbrow on 01638 731513.