‘Bubbly’ man,21, found hanged by dog walker

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A former Burwell Tigers striker had been looking at suicide websites in the months before he took his own life.

Ryan Lynch, 21, was found hanged by a woman walking her dog in a recreational area, off Betts Close in Godmanchester, on October 26 2013.

Mr Lynch, who worked at One Leisure in Huntingdon and coached children’s football, had been spending a lot of time in his room, at his uncle’s house in Earling Street, Godmanchester, and using websites to research tablets that would end his life, an inquest heard.

A report read out at the hearing, held in Huntingdon on Thursday, said he had attempted to take his own life with an overdose of tablets and vodka in February 2013, after which he had been diagnosed with a medium risk of suicide by a psychiatrist.

It said Mr Lynch had been very anxious about his health and seen six doctors and two nurses at his surgery between March and October.

He had been prescribed medicine which improved his mood, but stopped taking it when it made him feel sick, the inquest heard.

Belinda Chaney, assistant coroner, said: “The reports we have show a bouncy, bubbly young man who was very likeable, has friends and teaches kids football, which is quite an outgoing, contructive thing for a young man.

“I’m afraid, we will never be able to get in to the mind of Ryan to know why he took his own life.”

His funeral was held in St Mary’s Church, Burwell, on November 6.

The Burwell Tigers and Burwell Swifts dedicated matches in his memory in the same month.