Brotherly love raises £150k for charity

Contributed photo ANL-140730-092106001
Contributed photo ANL-140730-092106001

Adventurous Callum Fairhurst has continued the legacy of his late inspirational brother Liam with his latest two daring exploits.

Callum, 17, skydived from 12,000 feet on Saturday, July 19, and was on his bike just two days later with close friends Kirsty and Vicky Moffat for a 250-mile ride from London to Paris.

“It was probably the hardest in terms of it being just a few 17 year olds trying to navigate through France,” he said of the epic ride. “It was also very hilly so that added to the difficulty of it all.”

His twin efforts raised over £11,000, bringing the total his exploits have brought to The Liam Fairhurst Foundation to around £150,000.

The charity was set up to help young people with serious illnesses by his older brother Liam and the family have continued his work since he lost a four-year battle with cancer in 2009.

“It has helped out hundreds of people across the UK and lots of local people as well.

I think it’s absolutely incredible what the foundation has done. There are so many people across the county who never met him but they volunteered their time, people running marathons or swimming miles and miles or even holding a cake sale.”

Callum finished four AS-levels in politics, economics, history and business at Long Road Sixth Form in Cambridge this summer.

He said the charity supports families who need time off work to visit an ill relative in hospital and has teamed up with Center Parcs to give families a break from hospital life.

Visit www.liamfairhurst to find out more about its work.