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Blades handed over to Mildenhall police during week of action

Knives have been removed from the amnesty bin at the front of Mildenhall's station. (4583233)
Knives have been removed from the amnesty bin at the front of Mildenhall's station. (4583233)

Eighteen blades have been handed over to police in Mildenhall as part of a week of action against knife crime.

Operation Sceptre, which run between September 18 and 24, saw Suffolk Police recover 18 weapons at their Mildenhall Police Station amnesty bin, with more than 1,000 collected across the county since January. There was no amnesty bin at Newmarket's police station.

Since 2011 across Suffolk more than 21,982 blades have been handed over and destroyed as part of the force's Bin a Blade campaign,.

Supt. Kerry Cutler said: "Knife crime has devastating effects on victims, families and communities. We must break this cycle of violence and address the perception of young people who say they need to carry a knife to protect themselves.

"Let me be clear – knives have no place on our streets. You may think carrying a knife will ensure your safety and give you protection, but in reality if you carry a knife there is a greater risk it will be used, either by you or on you.

"If you carry a knife you could use it in heat of the moment and seriously injure or kill someone, or it could be used on you."

Tim Passmore, Suffolk's Police and Crime Commissionerer, encouraged people to dispose of knives or any other weapons 'responsibly and immediately'.

"We need to do all we can through education, peer pressure, policing and sentencing to make it absolutely clear that it’s never acceptable for a person to carry a knife or weapon. I find it really disappointing that anyone carries a blade of any kind," he said.

"I would implore all parents to talk to their children about the dangers of knife crime. This growing trend has got to stop, carrying a knife just doesn’t make you safe, it can lead to dreadful consequences."

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