Autumn date for pot hole repairs

The good news is that the pot holes in Newmarket’s Rowley Drive are going to be repaired.

The bad news is that the work will not be done until the end of September.

Newmarket councillors head on Monday that Suffolk County Council planned to resurface the road which has been the subject of numoerous complaints by residents and drivers. Another area badly in need of repair is the junction outside Waitrose in Fred Archer Way. Councillors heard that no date had yet been fixed for repairs to be carried out.

Newmarket county and town councillor Dave Hudson confirmed he is going to pay £350 out of his locality budget to fund the installation of a dropped kerb outside 1 Rowley Drive which councillors had requested and councillors were informed that their request for double yellow lines to be renewed in Exeter Road and other locations in the town had been agreed. The county authority is also going to investigate a pavement problem on The Watercourse reported at the town meeting.