Apple Macs go 
in raid on offices

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More than £20,000 worth of computer equipment has been stolen from two businesses following a raid at a building in Newmarket.

The incident in Willie Snaith Road took place between 4.45pm Friday and 10am the following morning.

Burglars broke into the building before forcing their way into the individual offices.

The first business concerned had around £20,000 worth of equipment stolen including 11 Apple iMac computers, six Apple G5 PowerMacs and a server which contained a valuable amount of saved work on it.

In the region of £5,000 worth of items were taken from the second business including an Apple iMac and Apple G5 PowerMac.

A search was conducted of the third office but nothing was taken.

Anyone with information regarding the thefts should contact Bury St Edmunds Priority Crime Team on 101.