Path to success

Norwich rock group Twisted Piglet have just been signed to one of the biggest Indie labels in the world - Spectra Records.

The band, made up of singer and guitarist Brodie Payne, his brother Stacey Payne, on keyboards, both from Winfarthing, and drummer Paul Reeder, from Roydon, have been playing together since 2008.

The band’s debut CD ‘Eternity’ will be released by Spectra Records in June 2013.

Brodie said: “We have been doing music all on our own, the hard way for five years.

“We hoped for our music to take off, and it now looks like we are off and running.

“We really appreciate our old and new fans for the band’s success.”

Eiran Lenton, Artist Relations Director at Spectra Records said: “We are very pleased to bring Twisted Piglet to the label, they have a great future ahead of them.”

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