UFOs "spotted" over Mildenhall

A MILDENHALL couple have spoken of the night in September when they witnessed mysterious lights in the sky.

Jane and Nigel Brickett of Raven Close, were at home when they noticed a series of bright, orb-shaped lights hey thought could be UFOs.

"We saw 14 on September 6," said Mrs Brickett, 65 who lives with husband Nigel, 51.

"We are used to aircraft flying over and helicopters and we also know what satellites look like.

"We live near the Jubilee Field and see planes fllying over all the time but these were silent.

"It was fantastic and certainly better than watching the X-Factor.

"Fourteen orbs came from the Barton Mills direction and then shot into oblivion.

"Someone said they might be Chinese lanterns but they would have to have been very big.

"We have never seen anything like this before, they were bright, bright orange.

"My husband photographed them and I looked through binoculars and they looked as if they could actually be quite flat, like a sausage shape.

"They didn't photograph particularly well but in all fairness my husband didn't put the camera on night mode.

"We just wanted to get it on camera."

"We told people about it but they said we had probably been drinking wine or something but we were with some friends having dinner at home, on September 19, one of our friends saw it and she doesn't drink."

Mrs Brickett said she and her husband were very open-minded about UFOs and believed there could be life on another planet.

She has also ruled out the idea that it could have been a military test plane because of the number of lights scattered across the sky.

A Suffolk Police spokesman said there had been no other confirmed reports of any strange sightings in the sky.

Did you see anything that evening? Do you know what it was? Contact reporter Robert Andrews on 01638 564105.