Thousands expected to see Tour

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Thousands of people are expected to turn out to watch the Tour de France on Monday when it passes within eight miles of Haverhill.

Cyclists on the third stage of the Tour, which runs from Cambridge to London, will pass through the villages of Finchingfield, Sewards End and Radwinter.

This is where residents will be able to catch a glimpse of the 200-plus riders as they wind their way from Cambridge through Suffolk and Essex and on to London for the finish.

This leg of the three-week international race starts at 12.25pm in Cambridge, with cyclists due to get to Radwinter just after 1pm, and to Finchingfield by 1.14pm.

Chairman of Finchingfield Parish Council Graham Tobbell said: “This is the highlight of this year’s calendar and we’re so pleased that the route is coming through our beautiful village.”

There will be an 18-metre television screen on the village green, which is expected to be the focal point of the event with live coverage.

Stuart Crow, general manager of Spains Hall in Finchingfield, said the race would take a little longer to pass through Finchingfield than other villages – approximately five minutes.