Sports centre marks 30th with free sessions

Staff at a sports centre in Soham are hoping that free activities put on to celebrate the building’s 30th birthday can lead to an influx of new members.

On Sunday officials at the Ross Peers Sports Centre will be running a host of taster sessions between 12.15pm and 5pm for both youths and adults to commemorate the landmark occasion, in an attempt to increase membership numbers.

The activity afternoon will come 24 hours after staff at the centre have staged a get together evening at the site for both existing and new members, which will feature live music from band The Generations.

“While things like the badminton club and several of our five-a-side bookings have been here since we opened we are always welcome seeing new faces,” said Mark Abbott, sports centre assistant.

“What a lot of people do not realise is that the unlike other sport centres we are not council driven so we rely on membership coming through the door to keep us going.

“Although membership numbers are up at this stage of the year, all the new houses going up in the town and by us staging these free sessions you would like to think we can pick up a few new members.”

The centre, which was created by the hard work of a committee spearheaded by Ross Peers, was officially opened on March 24, 1984.

In 1992/93, a decision was made to extend the centre into what it is today, to include a new reception area, office, toilets, all-weather outdoor pitch and an indoor bowls, it was at that point it was renamed the Ross Peers Sports Centre in memory of Mr Peers who died the previous May.

For more information about activities taking place at the centre across the weekend, contact the centre on 01353 722662.