School is heading in the right direction, says head

The headteacher at a village primary school which has been told requires improvement by government officials has insisted that it is heading in the right direction.

Emma Nicholson, headteacher at Beck Row Primary School, has spoken out after a report released following a recent inspection by the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) issued the Lamble Close school with a grade three mark.

In summary the report found that pupils were not making consistently good progress, particularly in writing and mathematics and inYears 4 and 5, along with there not being enough chances for pupils to practise writing across a range of subjects.

Teaching standards were also drawn upon with the report highlighting that marking was not effective in helping pupils to improve their work, and that teachers did not show high enough expectations of what children could achieve.

“Since the previous Ofsted we have had three changes of head which has created a lot of turbulence and the outcome of this report was rather positive given the circumstances,” said Mrs Nicholson.

“There were no surprises in it as we agreed with everything in our own self-evaluation.

“The biggest message out of it is there are a lot of green shoots coming out of the school it is now about managing to get that across the board.”

Although the report highlighted areas in which the school needs to improve, it also made mention of the school’s existing strengths.

These included the support children receive from staff to help improve their reading skills.

It also acknowledged that Mrs Nicholson, who joined the school in January, has given her staff a clear message on what still needs to be done.

“We have gone through this and we have highlighted in green the positives and there are far more of them than negatives,” said Mrs Nicholson.

“We will definitely be a good school next time they come back as this is a lovely school to be in.”

The school will receive another visit from Ofsted within the next two years.

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