Popular town buildings set for first upgrade since 1989

Newmarket Journal OCTOBER 2012''Jubilee Centre in Mildenhall.
Newmarket Journal OCTOBER 2012''Jubilee Centre in Mildenhall.

A major refurbishment programme has been outlined for one of Mildenhall’s most used community buildings.

Plans have been drawn up by Mildenhall Parish Council to give the Jubilee Centre and the nearby Pavilion in Recreation Way a makeover, to help bring them up to date.

“Since the Jubilee Centre and The Pavilion opened in 1989, neither has received any significant upgrading,” said Val Shrimpton, clerk to Mildenhall Parish Council.

“Both buildings are becoming increasingly busy, with the Jubilee Centre having between 600 and 800 pairs of feet go through it every week.

“Mildenhall Parish Council would now like to offer the local community a centre where they can hold functions in a modern environment.”

Among the upgrades to take place is an overhaul of the toilet and water supply system, the transformation of redundant changing rooms into a new meeting room and the raising of the roof to install new insulation.

Funding for the project is expected to come from several sources, including cash received by Mildenhall Parish Council from the town’s Sainsbury’s project.

The total cost of the scheme will be announced at a later date.