Police launch probe into car park ‘assault’

Police have launched an investigation into an alleged sexual assault in a car park close to Newmarket College.

The incident, which took place in Exning Road at around 3pm on Wednesday, involved a woman being inappropriately touched by four boys from the college.

“Police are investigating an incident which occurred in Newmarket just before 3pm on Wednesday, February 26, whereby a woman was inappropriately touched on separate occasions by four school boys in a car park on Exning Road,” said a Suffolk Police spokesman.

“This matter is being treated seriously and, as such, the police are liaising with the school to warn students about the repercussions of this kind of behaviour.”

Since the incident, which involved the boys deliberately bumping into women before using their gesture of apology to touch them in certain areas, police have worked together with college to deliver assemblies to pupils in an attempt to address the matter.

In a letter to parents and carers of students, head teacher, Nick Froy, who was alerted to the issue by the woman involved, who is a parent, has underlined the seriousness of the alleged incident.

“We are taking this 
seriously and we have made it clear to all students that this does constitute sexual assault and is a criminal act,” said Mr Froy.

“I hope you will agree that in highlighting this activity, making clear the 
sanctions, and also what to do if a 
student has been assaulted, the college is working to protect all our students.”