Police chief speaks out at pensioner attack

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A police chief has expressed his disgust at masked raiders that attacked an elderly woman at her home in Lakenheath.

Detective Inspector David Giles has spoken out against the three men that left an 89 year old woman requiring hospital treatment following the incident in Arrowhead Drive on Monday.

“This is the first offence of this type in a long time and we are putting all the resources we can in to it,” said Det Ch Giles, speaking on Tuesday.

“There has been a few burglaries in Lakenheath recently, however these are typically at unoccupied houses. This is up a level. For someone to break in to a property then assault a vulnerable person is despicable quite frankly.”

The woman was in her living room when the attack happened. Hearing a loud bang at her front door the woman got up to see what was happening.

She then saw three men running into her home, it was then that one of the men struck her, knocking her to the floor leaving her with a cut in her head around the size of a 50p piece.

The men searched the house and made a demand for money, before leaving through the back of the property.

After the men left the woman called 999 and she was taken to West Suffolk Hospital for treatment on her injury.

Police are keen to trace the occupants of a black Vauxhall car that was seen in the Back Street area at around 7.30pm.

Anyone with information about the attack should contact 101.

*For an interview with the victim go to www.newmarketjournal.co.uk.