Plans to turn old pool into new playground

Officials at one the last remaining primary schools in the area to have a swimming pool on its site have submitted plans to develop the plot.

An application has been made by staff at Lakenheath Primary School to fill in their swimming pool and build a new adventure playground in its place.

“The swimming pool is no longer fit for purpose and it is not big enough for the additional age groups we have taken on board,” said Emma Vincent, headteacher.

“We haven’t used it for three years and in that time we have been bussing the children over to Mildenhall Swimming Pool.

“We did look at rebuilding it but the costs were astronomical.”

Part of the plans would also see a number of new parking spaces for staff built on the site.

“When the school was extended we didn’t receive any extra parking so the plan is to put in five new parking spaces for staff to ease the parking situation,” said Miss Vincent.

Money for the new equipment, which is expected to cost around £40,000 has come from two sources.

“We received around 50 per cent of the money from the village’s Goward and Evans charity, while the rest was made up from the what the PTA raised,” said Miss Vincent.

“It is around a year we have been thinking of doing this, but it has only come about now as it has taken a while to raise the funds.”

Should the plans be given the thumbs-up by Forest Heath District Council planning team, it is hoped that it would be in use by middle of the summer term.