Planners say no to Bill Gredley’s £150k statue

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Stetchworth property developer Bill Gredley has fallen foul of planners over his proposal to site a statue outside a new office block.

They have refused to allow the 13ft tall £150,000 statue of a university don to be displayed describing it as the worst piece of public art they had ever seen.

The work, was commissioned by Mr Gredley’s Unex Group specifically for the space outside the development in Cambridge.

But the city council’s public art officer Nadine Black said it was “possibly the poorest quality work that has ever been submitted to the council.” and added: “It is a work already purchased and has no relationship to this site. It is too large a scale for the context of the space it will be located within and will compromise the quality of the new development.”

Mr Gredley commented: ”It’s a spectacular piece of art” and that the statue would be placed in another one of the company’s buildings or even offered to the Royal Society for exhibition.