Obituary: Kathleen Gleave

Kathleen Gleave, of Duchess Drive, Newmarket, died at West Suffolk Hospital, Bury St Edmunds, on December 20, 2012. She was 83.

Born in Newmarket, she attended All Saints’ Primary School and Newmarket Secondary Modern before working as a shop assistant at Layng’s grocers and Croft’s florists in the town.

A housewife for the last 45 years, her life was her home and garden and she took great pride in both.

She was devoted to her husband, Tom, to whom she was married for 59 years until his death in February last year.

She leaves her only son, Tim, and grandchildren, Katie and Daniel.

Her funeral was held at All Saints’ Church, Newmarket, on January 4 and the Rev Max Osborne officiated.

Family mourners were: Tim Gleave, Lisa Gleave (rep Katie and Daniel), Charles Taylor, Linda Szramowski, Carol Rolfe, Michael Rolfe, Charles Rolfe, Valerie Sparks, Joanne Whalin, Alison Cruz, Barry Taylor, Sandra Morgan and Richard Morgan.

Other mourners were: Velda Le Cocq, Daphne Westbrook, Joan Curtis (Derek Curtis), Pat and John Terry (Michael Terry), Des and Jean Jonas, Eddie and Diane Tilbury, Ida Foster, Glen and Julia Martin (Mervyn and Mary Martin), Viv Rutherford (Daphne Spearman), Ann and John Smith, Iris Bannister, Margaret and Ken Lister, Jean Marsh, Sandra Gibson (Simon and Dale Gibson), Mr and Mrs G Barrett, Ian Nelson, Mr and Mrs R Blythe, Pam and David Bailey, Michael Drake (Mr and Mrs Ray Paxton and Mr and Mrs Kevin Paxton Tomb), Stan and Margaret Gray (Gary Gray and Sally and Carl Rix), Janet Bursford, Helen Slater (family), Ruby Taylor (Daisy Taylor, Maureen and Jean), Julie and Jodie Sparrow (Stewart and Todd), Sandra and Richard Morgan (Mr and Mrs Dave Jaggard, and Lisa Szramowski), Brian and June Jones (Shawn Hinds), Peter Allan, Margaret McAllister, Frank Cates, Ruth Dollman, Moira Smith, Wendy Smith, Janice and Peter Mansfield, Linda Crisp, Sharon Smith, Lisa Peck (the Wilsons), John and Lynn Hazlewood, Mr and Mrs J Grainger (family), John and Jean Lancaster, Mike Humphries (family), Pam Smith (Judy Carrick), Frank and Sandra Pugh, John Childs (Pat and family and Debbie Hayes), Craig Sharp, Dorothy Cook, Brian Rutherford, Rod Blackmore, Jean Jeffery (Duncan Jeffery), Andrew Reed, Joan and Roy Price (Vic and Jean Price and Tony Holloway), Beryl Curtis, Steve Taylor, Heather Wargen, Adrian Watkins, Linda and John Wybrew, Philip Chapple (family), Rosemary Johnson, Alex and Carol Dunny and Ann Day (Dorothy Burch).