Obituary: Dennis Nunn

Dennis Arthur Nunn, who was known as Joe, died at his home in Martin Road, Burwell, on October 14 after a short illness. He was 77.

Born in Burwell, he had worked as a refuse collector.

He enjoyed bowling and darts at Burwell Royal British Legion, fishing locally and listening to Daniel O’Donnell.

Mr Nunn is survived by his wife, Veronica, and leaves a daughter, Petula, a granddaughter, Jemma, and grandson, Thomas.

His funeral took place at the Burwell Cemetery Chapel on October 26 and the Rev Eleanor Williams officiated.

Family mourners were: Veronica Nunn (widow), Petula and Roger Jenkins, Jemma and Jarrod Barton and Thomas Jenkins.

Other mourners were: John Hawes (rep Peter Hiskett and Jim Townsend), Isobel Wright, Chris McGrath, Jenny Kempton (family), Jan and Peter Minchin, Ray and Christine Peachey, Mr and Mrs B Bellham, Miss M Barton (Mr and Mrs A Badcock), Mrs D Webb, Kathleen Smith (Robert and Julie Nunn and Helen and Paul and Danny Pickard), Sandra Dixon, Mr and Mrs G Mist, John Hardy, Dawn Tudor, Eric and Julie Chambers, Dee Simpson (Rose family and Tony Simpson), Patricia Rayner, Paul, Maureen and Mary Hardy, Trevor Crook, David Nunn (Carl and Kerry Nunn), Mr L Allington, Mr F Brasnett, Angela and Mike, John Cullum, Nicki Nunn, David Holt, Maureen Matthews (Ron Matthews), Steven Milne, Robert Jaggard, Paula Reeve, Sharon Hilborn, John and Linda Harding (Peter Reed, Burwell Ex-Service Social Club), Shona Barton-Hare, Jeanette and Trevor Fuller (Mr and Mrs Rhodes), Mr and Mrs David Barton, Daphne Cole (Michael Cole), Shirley and Kim Wadsworth (Colin and Alan Wadsworth), Mr and Mrs T Parsons, Roger Clarke, Patricia Scott, Sharon Griggs (Steven Griggs and Ness Court), Mr and Mrs C Leach (Andrew Leach), Ena Hendry (Tom Hendry), Mick Scarff (Pauline Scarff), Roger Herring (Sheila Herring), Albert Ellis, Danny and Jordy Sullivan, Angie Haga, Alex Marshall, Doug Bates and Patrick Foy (Phyllis Foy).