‘Nuisance’ man turns out to be drug dealer

A Newmarket man, who ignored a police order to stop being a nuisance in the town centre, ended up being arrested for drug dealing.

Twenty-five-year-old Robert Luckings, had been moved on by officers on patrol in the early hours of November 24 last year but returned to the same area soon afterwards.

On Thursday, Ipswich Crown Court heard when police searched Luckings they found white powder in his pocket which turned out to be cocaine.

Prosecuting, Michael Crimp said a later search of Luckings’ home in Aureole Walk, revealed more cocaine and 16 bags containing a total of 163 tablets, 90 of which were identified as ecstasy, while the others included two drugs also listed as banned substances. Luckings, was also found to have £339 in cash.

Luckings admitted four offences of possessing cocaine, Ecstasy, a drug known as BZP and another called CPP, all with intent to supply.

Mitigating, Charles Kellett said that before his arrest, Luckings had ignored advice from his family and acted like a “slacker”, said Mr Kellett.

Since being charged with the drug offences, he said Luckings’ father had noticed a change for the better in his son.

He added: “He has at last begun to appreciate how sadly he has let himself and his family down. He is now in the last chance saloon.”

Judge John Holt adjourned sentencing for two weeks for Luckings to be assessed to see if he was suitable for a drug rehabilitation order.

Luckings was bailed until his next court appearance.