Night of drinking ended in death

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A Mildenhall man has denied murdering his best friend during a drunken incident at a house in the town.

Andrew Turner, 49, is said to have used a six-inch bladed knife to stab Paul Bone so hard that it broke a rib and punctured his heart.

Turner is alleged to have told police that he had to stab Mr Bone, 41, because he had assaulted Turner’s partner and tried to rape her.

Mr Bone’s body was found outside the front door of a house in Pembroke Close during the early hours of December 20.

On Tuesday, Ipswich Crown Court heard that a Home Office pathologist found that Mr Bone, of Trinity Avenue, Mildenhall, had sustained what the prosecution says were defence wounds to his hands as he had tried to save himself.

Prosecutor Tracy Ayling said the night had been one of heavy drinking at the house involving Turner, his partner Julie Salmon and Mr Bone.

Ninety minutes before the 999 call reporting that Mr Bone was lying outside the front door, police were called to the house by Ms Salmon’s daughter to deal with a domestic incident.

Turner claimed that he feared for his life as he struggled with Mr Bone who left the house holding the knife and had fallen onto it.

The trial continues.