New police team chief is going back to his roots

Sgt Mel Leaman ANL-141208-164957001
Sgt Mel Leaman ANL-141208-164957001

A sergeant whose policing career started in Newmarket has returned to head up the town’s Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT).

Sgt Mel Leaman, 49, who joined as a response officer 11 years ago, has said tackling anti-social behaviour is top of the list of issues facing Newmarket and Exning.

The Newmarket SNT, which also covers Exning, is tackling late night anti-social behaviour in Warrington Street, inconsiderate use and abandonment of vehicles in the town and anti-social behaviour by youths in The Rookery, Newmarket, and Chapel Street, Exning. It comprises three constables and eight PCSOs.

Mr Leaman joined Suffolk Police in 2003 and worked in Newmarket and Bury St Edmunds before becoming a response sergeant in Haverhill.

He startedhis new job last month after his predecessor, Mark Shipton, was promoted to a county-wide role.

He said: “This is a different option for me to widen my experience. I started off in Newmarket and I’m really pleased to come back as it’s my home town.

“I’m very lucky to have inherited a very good team with local knowledge and good community links.”

The Newmarket SNT is looking to clamp down on catalytic converter thefts and a free marking day is being held at ATS Euromaster in Bury Road on Thursday (August 21).