New group aims to make town a better place to live in

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A new steering group aimed at making Newmarket a better place to live, work and visit over the next 20 years met for the first time on Monday.

The Newmarket Vision Steering Group (NVSG) will oversee four groups - community planning, traffic and highways, education delivery and retail, economy and tourism - to look at key issues in the town.

The groups are made up of members of the community, including county, town and district councillors, residents, retailers and representatives from local business and organisations, who will be responsible for agreeing, funding and implementing ideas.

The steering group met at Newmarket’s Memorial Hall on Monday to discuss plans to implement the Newmarket Vision document, which was produced last year by the Prince’s Foundation for Building Communities to provide a framework for the town over the next 20 years.

Cllr Lisa Chambers, Suffolk county councillor for Newmarket and Red Lodge who is on the steering group, said: “I think this is a really exciting opportunity to have these groups.

“I am really pleased that we have got three tiers of local government that have not only agreed to the document, but also to be able to come together and work on this in a very local-focused way is a massive step forward.”

The Newmarket Vision wishlist includes plans for improvements to the town centre and market, encouraging more tourism and creating an equine centre of excellence.

The Traffic and Highways Delivery Group has already identified key schemes to provide improvements for pedestrians, cyclists and the horse racing industry.

Plans include improving signalisation at the junction of Fordham Road and Snailwell Road, a new horse walk at Snailwell Road, and improvements to horse crossings at the junction of Fordham Road and Rayes Lane, and on Mill Hill, both to include new zebra crossings.

Suffolk County Council has allocated £450,000 of funding towards highways improvement schemes in Newmarket through its Local Transport Plan.

Work to deliver the schemes is expected to start this year.